Tuxconn offers end to end development of an entire intended range of service

R&D Services

Build new products collaboratively,launch them seamlessly in local or international market thru right mix of technology products & services from inception to testing in stages to reach milestones ahead

B2B Advisory Services

Your growing business needs face issues in international markets in need of business, technical and partners' support & consulting services. Further enrich your business and brand name success in current and new markets

Skill Development

Cost effective & trained, staffing solutions in Finland and Abroad. employer-employee-jobseeker triad gaps addressing

We advocate the best delivery models suited to your needs, time-to-market pressures and budget via Offshore,Onshore and Hybrid working model.
Renewal Energy
Co-creation starts with open conversation.We are here to support you in global market.

Staffing needs
Skill Training
On job learning
Trial Hiring
We provide right candidate from internally trained job-seekers pool.

Co-creation Starts With Open Conversations !

Need solutions and hacks for Industry or technical problems of world ?

Our partners are a mix of leading industries and startups, looking to support and co-create futuristic innovations.

Linux Dedicated Servers through affiliate partners
Free Setup, 24/7 Support and Network Monitor